Why Should You Upgrade From "Throw-away" FRS Radios?

Many businesses will use radios like the ones seen on the image above because they are inexpensive and easy to acquire.  These are called Family Radio Service (FRS) walkie talkies. The problem with these radios is that they break easily, look unprofessional, and must constantly be replaced (Hence the name throw-way radio) costing your business time and money! And while many FRS walkie talkie manufacturers mislead you with claims of a 20-35 mile range, your true “range” is significantly lower and in realistic situations you would be lucky to achieve a .4 mile range. On top of this, while advertising may tout FRS radios having up to 2000 channels with privacy codes,  they can only use the same 14 frequencies allocated by the FCC.  This means that anyone who buys a set $10.00 of FRS walkie talkies from Walmart, eBay, etc. can interrupt/listen to your "high end" $80 FRS walkie talkie just by going through the the stock 14 channels regardless of what privacy code you have enabled. Over all, these walkie talkies are perfect for children and families, but when it comes to your business, a more professional look and robust solution is required.


Why Should You Upgrade From Low Quality Radios?

Many businesses will also use radios like the ones pictured above, these radios are developed and manufactured in china using the cheapest possible materials. This means that when it comes to durability, functionality, and performance you can expect these radios to fall short. On top of this, many of these cheap chines radios are be by default programmed to transmit and receive on POLICE/FIRE/EMS radio frequencies. This is an obvious problem which can carry hefty fines and since most individuals who purchase these radios don't bother or don't know how to check what frequencies these radios are using, they end up transmitting and jamming POLICE/FIRE/EMS radio frequencies! In the picture above to the left you can see an actual PSA that was published in the Los Angeles area because users of these radios were interfering with Hatzolah (a volunteer first responder agency) communications. In the end, even if you don't feel the need to upgrade beyond the sub par performance of these aftermarket radios, every individual who uses them should check with PAC Radio or your local public safety agency to ensure that you are not causing any harmful interference.

Click image to see more about the benefits of upgrading from cellphones to commercial radios for business-critical communications.

Click image to see more about the benefits of upgrading from cellphones to commercial radios for business-critical communications.