mototrbo radio programming and radius cp200 programming

When purchasing radios from PAC Radio, any programming you need is provided for FREE. However, If you need programming for a radio that you currently own, all you have to do is request a quote, ship the radio over to PAC Radio, and email us the required data like frequencies, TG IDS, etc. If you already have a fully functional radio and you would like for the data from the working radio to be copped (cloning the radio) into another radio, its as easy as shipping both the un-programmed radio and the programmed radio to PAC Radio and we will take care of the rest.


Please note, Although PAC Radio specializes in Motorola radios we can also program Icom, Vertex, and Kenwood radios so feel free to contact us for any of your programming needs. If you have any questions about programming, or if you would like to use our programming services, please feel free to contact us and request a quote HERE.