Cash For Clunkers

Do you have old broken down radios that need to be upgraded? If so, please feel free to send them to PAC Radio. Not only will we recycle the radios that you give us, but you will have the choice of receiving CASH for your radios and/or getting a discount on your next purchase with PAC Radio. All you have to do is contact PAC Radio, send us your clunkers, and we will send you your cash/discount once the radios get to us.

cash for clunkers for two-way radios




  • If you choose to receive cash for your radios, the money will be sent to you via Pay Pall after PAC Radio has obtained the used radios.
  • If store credit is chosen, it can only be used towards a purchase of items on the PAC Radio website; Handhelds, Mobile Radios or Base Stations.
  • The radio credit varies depending on the radio model, condition and age of the equipment. The minimum credit is $5.00 and the maximum is $550.00 per each radio traded in.
  • As long as the radios were purchased within the last 10 years and your base of operations is located in the US or Canada, they are eligible and will be accepted in nearly any condition. 
  • If a Multi-unit charger is sent back for trade-in, it must be in working condition. 
  • Radio equipment must be sent to 128 South Encinitas Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016, PAC Radio is not responsible for any shipping charges.
  • If store credit is chosen, the old radio equipment for trade-in must be received at PAC Radio's location within 30 calendar days after the invoice date.
  • If the radio equipment being traded-in is not received within 30 calendar days after the invoice date, the account will be billed for the full retail amount of the purchased, equipment. No trade-in refunds will be issued if the equipment being traded in is received by PAC Radio after the above mentioned time frame.
  • PAC Radio will issue the trade-in refund within 48 hours of receiving the equipment being traded in.
  • In case of dispute a tracking number must be provided, validating the receipt of the traded-in radio equipment at PAC Radio’s location and the date of delivery.
  • We accept radios in almost any condition. Trade-in value varies according to the condition of the traded equipment.