About The Owner

Hello, my name is Andrew, I am the owner of PAC Radio. The reason I decided to start PAC Radio is because I would always see businesses and events using using cheap knockoff radios or random FRS radios that would always need to be replaced, have their transmissions jammed, and randomly become inaudible. When I asked these businesses why they were using such low quality radios, the typical answer I got was that professional radios were either too expensive or they just did not know how to obtain commercial grade radios. As a small business myself, I know how hectic it can be to organize everything and many times radio communication gets put on the back burner and forgotten about. This is why I have decided to change this with PAC Radio. My goal as a the owner of PAC Radio is to provide everyone with easy and affordable access to commercial grade radio communication. This way, you can continue to focus on mission critical operations and not on whether your staff heard your last radio transmission.

About PAC Radio

PAC Radio is a small, family owned business based in Los Angeles, California.  We strive to provide superior access to professional radio communication solutions at a highly competitive and affordable price. With technology evolving so quickly, it is nearly impossible to keep track of what communication solution best suits the needs of your business or event. This is why PAC Radio has made it easy for you to engage our expertise by providing fast customer service coupled with a simple radio selection process. The radios that you will find on the PAC Radio website can be geared to fulfill your communications needs as we only exclusively sell Motorola radios. Moreover , PAC Radio only carries OEM parts and accessories so you can be assured that when you purchase from PAC Radio, you will be getting the best. When you purchase from PAC Radio, you will realize you what reliable, quick, and efficient communications can be.